Keepsite is a fully integrated risk management system for project-based businesses of all sizes and complexities.


Integrated and consistent

Keepsite links up every level of the business - corporate, portfolio, programme, project - so  risk is managed in a consistent way, aligned to strategy, across the business:

  • Create, update, and deploy your risk management strategy. For example, businesses can use Keepsite to help them achieve consistency with the PRINCE2 framework.
  • Integrate the different parts of your business seamlessly and compare risk profile data across regions or business units
  • This consistent approach enables you to manage risk efficiently and proactively, increasing operational maturity



It connects the business directly with project partners in a simple, permissions based way, so that risk management is collaborative, being undertaken by the whole team, and therefore more powerful.

  • Is easy to learn
  • Is straightforward to set up and deploy
  • Is collaborative and inclusive
  • Provides real-time dashboards for KPI oversight and reporting
  • Is intelligent, with smart, timely notifications
  • Removes the need for manual spreadsheets



Keepsite is adaptable to suit the complexities of any organisational structure, the diversity of the projects in the portfolio, and changes in operating context over time:

  • Share learning across your business
  • Adapt your risk management strategy as the environment, and business knowledge, evolves
  • Changes to the strategy will not impact ongoing information exchanges, changes will automatically apply
  • Timely data and insights helps you make the most well-informed decisions

Visibility, timely decision-making

Because each person in the business can see their risks, issues, and lessons in an integrated, real-time environment, and because they can draw on both current and historical data, Keepsite facilitates informed, data-driven decision-making.

  • Be proactive, not reactive
  • Understand emerging events before they become issues
  • Reallocate resources across the business as you need


Deploy knowledge from experience

Keepsite captures and retains risk data over time, which creates a feedback loop, providing an ever-more useful resource for project teams. With the application of this past experience to new projects, each new project can better than the last.

  • Captures risk data and lessons over time
  • Learning is easily deployed to new projects, helping your organisation to develop and retain knowledge over time
  • New projects benefit from past projects and contribute new knowledge
Keepsite has revolutionised the way we approach risk and issue management in this high risk environment, catapulting us from 20th to the 21st Century.
— Rick, Head of Programmes, United Nations Office for Project Services