More Collaboration

Keepsite is a project operating system for project professionals, like you. Keepsite gives you real time visibility across your projects, so you know exactly where things are, and what needs your attention. It's the best way to collaborate, drive work forward, stay on top of things, and deliver great projects.  

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Networked SaaS

Keepsite connects individuals, organisations and projects to a networked software as a service (SaaS) platform. You build relationships in the field, Keepsite will make them effective and enduring online. This networked approach coupled with our portfolio management model means that over time you'll have all the data you need, derived from actual project experience, to analyse the performance of your supply chain.


Cross-company collaboration

Great projects are not delivered alone.  They require a vast number of interactions and transactions between firms and the individuals working within them.  Keepsite makes those interactions and transactions effortless, efficient and valuable.  This is achieved by connecting your project network and facilitating permission based information and data exchange along contractual lines.  It's a secure, efficient way to work together.


Integrate your whole business

Your projects are always unique but delivering them in a consistent and constantly improving way is essential.  This is made possible by quality business and project management that is informed and improved by data extracted across your whole portfolio of projects.  Keepsite connects your organisation to your project delivery network as well as integrating it from the field to headquarters, regardless of your business's complexity.  

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Scale your technology

Keepsite is a networked project delivery and portfolio management platform at its core.  This enables the technology you need to be scaled across your projects, and across your organisation as a whole.  Benefits are no longer locked up in project silos. Keepsite delivers native solutions and you can also 'plug-in' your own or build new ones directly within your organisation, to promote innovation and creativity in the industry. 


Drive business improvement

Improving operational performance over time has remained an illusive ambition in our industry because it has been impossible to systematically collect, aggregate, and analyse data. From project to project, and at the end of each project, data is archived and the team disband. Keepsite's networked platform solves this problem by enabling lesson capture across the business and continued visibility of all data created.


Deliver projects predictably

Refine processes, develop solutions, and make decisions based on insights provided by real information and data from across your portfolio.  Keepsite provides immediate and permanent access to the full history of your data that is generated through projects and your interaction with suppliers, clients, and employees. This data enables organisations to assemble better performing teams, and deliver projects predictably.


Allocate your resources efficiently

Attempting to optimise resource allocation at the single can lead to big inefficiencies across your business. Keepsite gives you visibility across all your projects, in real time, so you can see what is going well and what is not, and how you can reallocate and utilise your resources for maximum impact. You can also use historical data to study how you can do better next time, and optimise resource allocation over time.


Deliver your projects. Develop your team

Keepsite facilitates an environment of trust and collaboration that builds a strong team.  During a project you work closely with partners to deliver great outcomes and now you can maintain that connection into the future. The people and organisations you've worked with all become part of your personal, and organisational, network on Keepsite. This will prove invaluable as you journey from project to project.