Project and Portfolio SCHEDULING

Increase visibility across project activities, prioritise your work, and get it done.

Keepsite enables you and your team to plan your work and manage the project schedule. In fact, with Keepsite, you can even see all your schedules in a single portfolio view. Keepsite's scheduling tool has all the essentials - dependency relationships, critical path, baselining, resource and progress tracking.

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How Keepsite makes it easy to manage and schedule tasks

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Task Scheduling

Seemless task scheduling across multiple business units

Complementing Keepsite’s task management system is project and portfolio scheduling that enables you and your colleagues to see what’s going on across your projects and how everything is progressing.

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Every project needs a schedule and every organisation needs those schedules coordinated so they work for your resourcing. Keepsite is the perfect tool for scheduling your projects so you can prioritise and get on with driving your project forward, and also understand how your colleagues are getting on across the portfolio.

Contract management

Baselines and progress tracking

Its not enough to just have a schedule. You need to have one schedule for the whole project, but know what version of it is relevant for each contract in place. Keeping track of schedule change, and change against baseline for contract administration is easy with Keepsite.

Integrated project and portfolio scheduling

Integrated, portfolio-wide visibility

Run each project schedule and collaborate with your project teams, track progress, and get the job done. You can also view your schedules in portfolio view, to see how things are progressing across the entire business.

Gantt chart and critical path

Plan activities, sequencing, and nail the critical path

Setting up projects, durations, dependencies, and analysing your critical path in essential and easily done with Keepsite's integrated project and portfolio scheduling tool.

Configure Keepsite consistent with your organisations risk strategy. Identify, log, and manage risk on each project and at every level of the business. Control threats and realise opportunities as they arise. Keepsite takes risk management beyond a niche specialisation and enables consistent, collaborative, and inclusive risk management. It gives organisations full visibility of their total exposure across the portfolio, and most importantly, the power to act.

Project Management and portfolio oversight. Keepsite gives you real time visibility, so you're always aware of whats happening across your projects.

Proven, reliable, practical, essential.

Learn how the best AEC and International development businesses use Keepsite to deliver projects they're proud of.

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