Your project sites, connected

Using keepsite's mobile apps for IOS and Android, your teams can capture important information and progress data on site, and share it with the office, in real time. 


Monitor and Verify

Keepsite provides an adaptive tool for monitoring and verifying the progress of your projects and the integrity of your investments.

Using GIS and mobile technologies, Keepsite offers a system for the secure and reliable collection of field data, allowing you to overcome the risks associated with implementing projects in even the most challenging locations.

On or Off-line

Some of your projects may be well and truly off the grid, and our apps are built with that in mind. An active data connection is not necessary to use Keepsite. Your teams can capture data no matter where they are. If data is captured while offline, it's simply saved and automatically syncs to our servers the next time the device is connected. This means one system, no matter where your sites are; down a mine or tunnel, or out in the great unknown.




As a business delivering projects you need to communicate and share information with lot's of other businesses all the time. Not only that, but you need to keep your own team on the same page - site and office staff, and the different levels within the business. 

When everyone is well connected,  and the right information is with the right people at the right time, projects are much more successful. Keepsite's mobile apps complement our web apps , so the whole team is synced up, all day, every day.


Improve Visibility

Before Keepsite, data was locked up in different tools and with different firms, and reporting was done retrospectively. Keepsite's permissions-based software architecture enables all stakeholders to a project to be added, increasing transparency, accountability, and reducing the hassle and lag of reporting. Verified progress information is available in real, or near-real, time.