Project Operations Platform

Keepsite's features come together as a beautiful, coherent system because of a number of 'under the hood' features built in to the software architecture. Because of this coherent application structure that we can add features at a rapid pace so that you can realise ever-greater value from your investment.

System of record

Accurate current and historical workflow information.

Keepsite provides access to and a record of all information and workflow activity across project stages, consistent with the role-based access control system, meaning it's a definitive source of the current state of play, and an accurate record for auditing purposes.


A visual way to identify and understand risk before it's too late.

Our visual member, project, and portfolio dashboards enable you to quickly understand what is most important across your projects and business units at any time, providing you with the information you need and ability to intervene to maintain project performance.

System of Intelligence

Deploy portfolio data to transform your business.

Aggregated cross-project and accumulated historical data enables deep insights in to project and portfolio performance. You'll use these insights to gain trust, deliver projects more predictably, and build trust across your supply chain.

Task Management

See what needs your attention and prioritise your work

Automated (from workflow tools) and manually created tasks fly at you from every angle, every day. Keepsite makes it easy to see whats coming at you, add your own tasks, prioritise your attention and effort, and stay on top of things, each and every day.

Role-based access control

100% certainty about who can see and do what.

Your productivity demands a system that can accommodate private commercially sensitive information as well as collaborative shared project information. With Keepsite managing access and visibility across private and shared environments is simple and reliable.


We'll keep you informed on your own terms.

Figuring out what needs your attention is time consuming and frustrating. Keepsite is helpful. It identifies what requires your attention and lets you decide how you want to be told - within the app, as events occur, or via a pre-scheduled digest.

Enterprise-stack federation

Connect your application software for seamless business management.

Keepsite helps you federate your enterprise, whether you're have two or dozens of business units spanning the globe. Simply link up the org structure within Keepsite and the information will flow. You can also connect your other systems via API.

Data Ownership

Own your data and transaction history, no matter what.

With some systems you can get locked out of the project collaboration system. Not with Keepsite. With Keepsite, if you've been involved in a project you own your information, which includes what you've contributed and whats been shared with you. That's fundamental.


Access your projects in the office or on the go.

It's a given that key workflows need to be available via mobile device. For may of Keepsite's customers, operating beyond the network, offline functionality is also a must have feature. Offline sync for critical functionality is part of our application architecture.

Stages and Status

Stage and status management and reporting.

Your forward-order book and existing projects are all at different stages. You can configure Keepsite to manage stages and status across your portfolio and on each specific project, and manage and report on a stage or status basis, which helps you and your project teams.

Integrated PPM

Run your whole business, not just individual projects.

Project management software helps you manage each project but if you're trying to run a business across multiple projects, you need a system to integrate your project operations and data so you can see it and manage it centrally. That's a core feature of the Keepsite PPM system.


Collaboration and communication between the field and office made easy.

Keepsite connects all project team members between the field and office, and across your whole supply chain, from site operatives through the executive team. This ability to collaborate reduces friction and errors and promotes timely contribution from team members.

Project Management and portfolio oversight. Keepsite gives you real time visibility, so you're always aware of whats happening across your projects.


A suite of great tools for the whole construction supply chain

Enterprise Risk Management

Unify risk management across the business and understand threats and opportunities as they arise. Keepsite provides visibility across your portfolio so you can make the right decision when it matters most.

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Task Management & Scheduling

Keepsite enables you and your team to manage the project schedule, as well as your own tasks. Intelligent notifications and the intuitive interface mean work prioritisation is easy and you’ll be on top of everything, all the time.

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Document Management

Keepsite provides a common data environment for project team members to upload, manage, and share project-related information, keeping everyone on the same page with current information and its status.

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