Full Stack Developer (MULTIPLE POSITIONS)

Locations: Wellington, New Zealand || London, United Kingdom || Nairobi, Kenya


Job Description:

We are looking for accomplished software engineers to help us solve the most challenging problems facing the architecture, engineering, and construction industries, using the ES6, NodeJS and the React ecosystem.

You will work across our tech-stack and develop the role as you go. We're growing our team and will hire complementary roles around you. You'll contribute to interface design, build UI components along with corresponding RESTful API endpoints, and work closely with the entire Keepsite team.

Ideal candidates will also contribute towards scalability and testability of systems as we scale our product and business.

We regularly work with and contribute to Open Source libraries, giving back to the community that has helped us thrive. Our core technologies currently include ES6, NodeJS, Couchbase, NextJS, Material-UI, React, React-Native, GraphQL + many more.

A proven background in web development with JavaScript and React (or similar) is essential.


  • Work with the Keepsite team to develop important functionality for the Keepsite application.
  • Deliver functionality through a milestone-based agile approach to development, ensuring quality at all times through structured testing, continuous integration and subsequent monitoring.
  • Work closely with the team to forecast opportunities and constraints as we add users, functionality, and scale, including across different geographies.
  • Help with technical support as necessary lead by our Head of Product, allocating tasks and managing associated workflows as necessary to ensure a thoroughly exceptional customer experience
  • Support the engineering team with recruitment as we build a world-class, high-performing design and engineering team that can take Keepsite from where it is now, to being the category defining product in it's space.


Back-End Development, Cloud Storage, Scaling Web Applications, Front-End Development, Continuous Integration, Full Stack Development, API, Test Driven Development, Unix, Server-Side Applications, CouchBase, Version Control, Monitoring, Data Modeling, React.js, Es6, React Native, NodeJS


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