For You

  • Setup and retain your personal Keepsite account

  • Industry profile for easy on-boarding to your projects

  • Showcase your projects and competencies to clients

  • Receive important updates and information via your personal account

  • You can even work for multiple organisations at once, and you retain your account from project to project

Your business

  • Manage all your projects as a single, integrated portfolio

  • Staff and project team management

  • Role based access control to suit any business

  • Organisation-wide reporting and operations analysis

  • Projects dashboard and intelligent notifications

  • Workflow history / process auditing

  • Workflow tool customisations

  • Complete brand customisation

  • Client Management (Construction CRM)

  • Supply Chain Management

your project teams

Platform features

  • Collaborate with the whole team throughout the lifecycle of each project.

  • Networked common data environment

  • Smart notifications

  • Project-wide supply chain management

  • Project-wide performance management

  • Role based access control to suit any project

Workflow features