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Uncertainty threatens every project and across the portfolio risk impact is amplified. Keepsite is an integrated project and enterprise risk management system for effective risk management, providing visibility and predictability.

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Projects going awry?

Projects running over time and budget?

Unsure what your risk exposure is?

Change management a major hassle?

Project collaboration not working?

Are your days spent fighting fires?

Too much manual and duplicative work?

The most powerful and effective
project and enterprise risk management system.

Structured risk management

Simple, structured, inclusive

Keepsite ensures risk is managed consistently across your projects in line with your risk management strategy. It's simple and inclusive, so everyone can contribute to identification of risk and its management. You can finally utilise the power of your project teams collective intelligence.

The power of better data

Better data, better decisions

With Keepsite your risk data is not locked up in project silos. It's accumulate and aggregated over time, with each new project. This enables you to analyse trends and ensure each new project is even better than the last.

Clarity across all projects

Reduced uncertainty, greater predictability

Understand the risks facing your projects and business in real time, providing you with the information you need to address issues, capitalise on opportunities, and maintain profitability.

Configure Keepsite consistent with your organisations risk strategy. Identify, log, and manage risk on each project at any and every level of the business. Control threats and realise opportunities as they arise. Keepsite takes risk management beyond a niche specialisation and enables consistent, collaborative, and inclusive risk management. It gives organisations full visibility of their total exposure across the portfolio, and most importantly, the power to act.

System Features

Keepsite's system features underpin all workflow tools, creating an integrated project and portfolio management platform for for the whole construction and international development supply chain.

System of record

Accurate current and historical workflow information.


A visual way to identify and understand risk before it's too late.

System of Intelligence

Deploy portfolio data to transform your business.

Task Management

See what needs your attention and prioritise your work

Role-based access control

100% certainty about who can see and do what.


We'll keep you informed on your own terms.

Enterprise-stack federation

Connect your application software for seamless business management.

Data Ownership

Own your data and transaction history, no matter what.


Access your projects in the office or on the go.

Stages and Status

Stage and status management and reporting.

Integrated PPM

Run your whole business, not just individual projects.


Collaboration and communication between the field and office made easy.

Leading organisations trust Keepsite to deliver complex projects.

Learn how the best AEC and International development businesses use Keepsite to deliver projects at speed for happy clients.

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