So here we are it’s nearly the end of 2017! This one just flew by. As the year comes to an end it’s a good time to take stock and look ahead to 2018 and beyond. I also thought it might be interesting to give some background to how I came to be working at Keepsite and why I’m excited about what the Keepsite team is building.

I started working as a construction consultant back in 2000 working in project teams delivering various building projects. Over that time I have been getting steadily more frustrated with the way we work in the construction industry. So much waste and a fair bit of complacency for doing things one way, because it’s the way we’ve always done it.

It took a long time before my thoughts began to form into tangible ideas. This process was helped by podcasts and a subscription to Audible opening my mind to new possibilities. I had started becoming interested in networks and how a construction network might be the key to unlocking the productivity issues the construction industry is faced with. I struggled to figure out how to incentivise good behaviour in the network and how you might make it self policing.

While studying networks, I realised that a key currency in the construction industry is an individual’s experience. I began to explore ideas around how to use technology to enable the people doing the actual work to take credit for the work they have done. In this way building a CV based on actual, clearly defined, experience.

In November 2016 I watched a Ted Talk by Bittena Walburg, about blockchain. Blockchain seemed to offer a lot of answers to my questions about networks, incentivising mutually beneficial behaviours and cooperation, and keeping track of individuals contributions to a project. I got excited by the possibilities.

Bettina’s company, Animal Ventures, produce a Udemy course, Basics of the Blockchain, which I signed up for. There was an assignment from the course, which was optional, to write an article that described how blockchain might impact your industry. I took the opportunity and wrote Impact of the Blockchain on the Construction Industry over Christmas 2016. It was published in February 2017. Currently it’s got 11,585 views and 3,653 of those folks managed to last the until the end of the 10 minute read.

I started to get people contacting me wanting to talk. Adam Hyde, the Co-Founder of Keepsite, got in touch in March 2017.

Keepsite is a project and portfolio management software tool for construction. It’s a networked system and is designed to be a platform allowing outside developers to build applications to create an ecosystem of base functions in Keepsite and specialist applications.

Originally mine and Adam’s conversations were about a collaboration between Keepsite and my idea of Hanga Pay, which is a digital vesting certificate that uses blockchain to track advanced payments on construction projects. After a while it just made more sense that I should join Keepsite and bring my ideas with me.

What first got me excited about Keepsite is that an individual account on Keepsite is the individuals account forever. If you change the organisation you work for, or if you work for multiple organisations, you don’t have to create a new profile. You just change your email address. I realised this was the start of the construction network I was imagining. It was also the perfect way for individuals to track of their project experience.

The more I understood about Keepsite’s aspiration to reduce the friction around the interactions at a project level and the tools they were building to allow for a fully collaborative environment to manage projects the more interested I became.

What really got me excited though was when I realised the implications of the aggregation of the project data and how by managing a portfolio of projects and not just focusing on projects as stand-alone pieces of work, you open up the opportunity to create a feedback loop. From there you can start to have measurable ways to improve productivity.

So far we’ve released our enterprise risk management (ERM), including risks, issues, and lessons management, and the document management tool is also up and running. Over the course of 2018 we’ll be producing a full suite of tools that will help you run your construction projects in a more efficient way.

Our aspiration at Keepsite is that when a client requires a built solution to meet a business or personal need they will come to Keepsite first, start a project, and draw the relevant resources to the project through the Keepsite platform — essentially create their virtual project organisation, which may consist of individuals and organisations from around the globe all working seamlessly together.

Keepsite is not a blockchain company, yet. We are actively looking at use cases suited to blockchain technology, and intend to deploy blockchain enabled applications where such applications can clearly benefit our industry.

We are currently looking for partners who can help us to directly refine the tools we offer, and who we can integrate with. If you would like to talk about what that might mean for your business, please get in touch.

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