About Keepsite

Keepsite is project and portfolio management software connecting individuals and organisations to their entire portfolio of projects. It is a Software as a Service application and is available to customers anywhere on our planet.

Keepsite gives people and their organisations complete oversight of their projects, enabling them to efficiently allocate resources, make timely, informed decisions, and utilise data to systematically improve operational performance over time.

We work across two major international industries;

Architecture, Engineering and Construction, and;

International Development, Peace-building, and Humanitarian Assistance

Our customers include the Multilateral Organisations, Governments, International Non-Government Organisations (INGO’s), private sector clients, contractors, and suppliers. Specifically our customers range from the United Nations, universities, all the way through small consulting firms providing services to the contractors and construction clients.

We’re early stage and we punch above our weight so you can expect the trials and tribulations that come with an early stage company that’s taking on a lot of responsibility and you can be sure that the work you’ll do is meaningful and impactful across a growing international user base.

The problem you’ll be solving

Project teams around the world are burdened by complex, inefficient systems that make it hard to transact, interact, and generally hard to focus on and do great work. This is a huge problem, not least because global construction output is nearly $10 trillion annually.

More importantly, hundreds of millions of people around the world working in our industry spend far too much time on admin and re-work and not on the productive parts of their jobs, which in turn compromises the quality and quantity of our built environment.

Keepsite has set out to change this; to make it easy for project-people to love their work and deliver incredible projects.

Our commitment to you

As part of the Keepsite team, you’ll work hard, enjoy our full commitment to you, and will have the freedom to grow your role with us. We’re looking to build a world class team and are not willing to compromise on that. Our team will determine how far and how fast we succeed.

If you’d like to join us as we build a world-class enterprise application to tackle these industries most pressing and challenging problems, we’d love to hear from you.

If that sounds like something you want to be a part of, get in touch any time, or for specific opportunities, refer to our careers page.

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