In releasing its modern, collaborative, and intelligent risk management system, Keepsite enables organisations to learn from the past, manage the present, and continuously improve.

Keepsite recently announced it has made it’s integrated project and enterprise risk management system, formerly deployed exclusively within the UN, available to all.

This will be of interest to professionals within organisations who are not satisfied that their current risk management solution is helping them learn over time or providing them with the intelligence they need to make the right decisions in a timely manner.

In this article we outline some of the features designed to make risk management effective and valuable in your organisation.

Detailed Feature Overview

Keepsite is a configurable Software as a Service (SaaS) application for any business running projects. This means that without writing code and without complication you can tailor Keepsite to be consistent with your organisation’s preferred risk management approach.

Keepsite then applies these settings so that everyone in the organisation is using the same criteria to manage risks, issues, and lessons. As risk information is added and updated, Keepsite aggregates this data so that you have an integrated, organisation-wide view of your total risk profile and exposure in real time - you no longer need to stitch together spreadsheets at the end of every month. With Keepsite, all your risk information is available on-demand, in real time, in one convenient location.

Here is a quick rundown of key features;

  • Cloud-based
  • Configurable
  • Designed for any sized business with any organisation structure
  • Designed to accommodate small projects and large
  • Risk can be managed at the strategic, corporate, or operational (project and portfolio) levels
  • Enables risks to be escalated between different levels of the business to where it can most effectively be managed
  • Provides all the tools necessary for the straightforward management of status, ownership, severity, likelihood, proximity, and impact
  • Enables collaboration across the project team, organisation, and even across different organisations working together in your supply chain
  • Enables real time and historical risk reporting and analysis
  • Dashboards with summary data and visualisations enhance risk management effectiveness
  • Cross-linking risk data with issues, lessons, documents, schedules, and other records all within Keepsite creates a rich intelligence profile and provides context around each risk
  • All risk information can be downloaded on demand and Keepsite provide support for the initial data migration of risk information to Keepsite so it’s easy to get started
  • Data exchange can be managed via the Keepsite API to integrate multiple organisational systems
  • It's not just risks. If a risk event occurs, you can manage the life issue in Keepsite, and record the learning as well, for the benefit of future project teams

We release new features every week and work closely with our customers to prioritise the ongoing development of the tool.

We’d love for you to try it out and if you do we’ll do everything necessary to ensure a successful deployment.

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