Ensuring that you’re making money and doing so in a predictable way is difficult, especially when your project managers are running teams from different companies with their own fees to worry about.

Wouldn’t it be great to be in a position to advise clients on their risk exposure across their projects in a simple graphical way, have a clear understanding of the performance of the team resolving pinch points before they cause delays, to have the information always to hand that will enable you to reallocate resources, rebalance the portfolio, and deliver results on time and in line with your forecasts? Of course it would!

This is where Keepsite can help. By using Keepsite’s tools your project managers will be empowered to manage their project teams proactively. They will have better access to quality information at the right time, freeing them up to focus on your client relationships, and adding real value.

Sounds great right? But what specific tools in Keepsite will save your team time and impress your clients?

Getting proactive

Keepsites Risk and Issues Management tool gives a powerful way to manage what’s potentially going to happen and track how you are dealing with current issues. Gone are the days of the spreadsheets and standing agenda items to run through risks only once a month. Effective risk and issue management can become the secret weapon of your forward thinking project managers. Clients will see a cool and calm PM, who is across all issues on their projects.

Keepsite’s interactive Risk and Issues tool will get the whole team engaged. If any team member has a concern they are able to raise a risk. This gets the team thinking ahead and makes them responsible for the risks and issues on a project.Risks can be allocated to the relevant people so it’s clear who is dealing with the mitigation strategy. All this is transparent and easily managed by the project manager.

A risk register looks like this in Keepsite with additional levels of detail only one click way.

Taking control of project teams ‘to do’ lists

Tracked Task Management means no more trawling back through old email chains or copies of minutes to find the last time someone was asked for something.

Here is an example of the Task Management tool.

Simply create a task, allocate it to the relevant people, set a due date and you know for sure it’s with them and it’s clear what needs to be done.

Of course we can’t guarantee there won’t be situations where tasks are still not done but we can guarantee that the phone call asking why will be much more straightforward with less excuses!

Make tracking information easy.

Advances in CAD software, 3D design and BIM have meant that design process has become much more iterative. This is great for our clients but keeping track of the increased volume of revisions is becoming a nightmare. Ask your team how confident they are that the information they are looking at is the latest set? How are your email systems coping with the increased load?

Keepsite is a BIM (PAS 1192–4) compliant Common Data Environment (CDE). It’s a place that all the latest and past information relevant to a project is stored. Keepsites permissions structure means that only the correct people have access to that data.

We built our tool with project management in mind. At the start of a project and at the start of each design milestone the design team will create a list of proposed information to be produced. As it’s uploaded it can be flagged as ready for review, the PM can send on to the correct person on the clients team for acceptance. This gives a measurable way to track the design progress.

The shot below shows the tracking graph within Keepsite.

Some clients have concerns about using contractors CDE’s and being shut out of them. Address this concern by taking a proactive approach in managing your clients data. By inviting them to their projects within Keepsite they will have access to all information and can easily track the teams performance. This added value will help your client to see you as the critical friend that every clients wants.

Easy, timely reports

Because Keepsite works by bringing the whole team together the data is always current. That means that producing reports for clients is easy. Keepsite can produce reports with rich data including tracking KPI’s with a few clicks.

By using Keepsite you’ll be providing your clients with one place to view all the risks and issues, information and how the team is performing. These are just a few ways that Keepsite can help your projects team look great to your clients.

If Keepsite can help differentiate your project management service and help you stand out to clients, please get in touch either through our website www.keepsite.com or directly david.hughes@keepsite.

Do you think your future clients might like Keepsite? If would like to partner for an upcoming bid we can help by providing support and materials to help your bid stand out.

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