How to set up general settings, your risk settings and issues settings

We want you to be able to use your existing workflows and processes and give you the ultimate flexibility when configuring your business.

  1. Settings - General: Update address and timezones, update the organisations branding.
  2. Configure your project stages and project categories.
  3. Settings - Risk: Configure your risk management categories, Risk types and responses.
  4. Assign Impact levels to each risk to allow Keepsite to calculate and prioritise your current risk.
  5. Configure risk score bands: Adjust your risk band based on your personal risk preferences.
  6. Set response guidance and review frequencies: Let your team know how to report on existing risk in your business given its current risk levels.
  7. Apply your risk response settings to your risk response table for a complete customised way to receive feedback on your risks.
  8. Settings - Issues: If risk event occurs it will turn into an issue. Configure your risk guidance in the "issue settings" tab.
  9. Settings - Lessons: Capture all lessons as they are happening in real time. Configure the lesson tool to be applied to future projects.
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