Keepsite began while we were building Bread Street Kitchen for the chef Gordon Ramsay, in London. The company I was working for at the time, ISG, primarily used Conject, which is only really useful on larger projects (>£10m). On site and battling a barrage of distractions and a mountain of admin, we set out to solve some of the organisational and administration problems that were causing us grief — and a better technology solution was a big part of the answer.

After spending a few months getting started on-site and in local coffee shops (a lot of the early workflow design was done at one of the great little booth seats at Monmouth), two friends and I had managed to build a basic tool sufficient to have Building Control (building regulations certification) sign off the testing and commissioning documentation at the end of the job. That felt good.

From there, we went on to other projects, including refurbishing Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, where we added more to the tool again. Most recently, we’ve just spent a year with Allpress Espresso building their new coffee roastery and cafe in Dalston, London, and this afforded us the opportunity to further refine Keepsite.

Our primary motivation is to empower the men and women who construct our buildings and infrastructure to be satisfied with each day’s work, each and every day. We do this by providing an intelligent software architecture for collaboration, which is inclusive of the whole project team, and by providing a bunch of useful tools that project teams need to complete each job.

We hope you’ll join us on our journey by staying up to date with our progress right here on our blog. Please feel free to be in touch at any time to find out more about us.

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