In our previous article, Diving In: Why we’ve set out to build something great, we wrote about our motivation for building Keepsite. In this article, we want to explain how we’ve turned that motivation in to a product.

Our motivation remains simple: projects are hard work and time-consuming, and smart, committed, and enthusiastic people should not need to spend as much time and effort as they currently do working on routine administrative tasks or on tasks that technology should have made redundant.

What Project Management Software Ought to Do

People should be able to use one (or a few well-integrated) tool(s) to collaborate with co-workers within their organisation or across a project to easily complete their tasks and navigate processes on a construction site as easily as they could in HQ. Just by using that system, the majority of the administration accompanying any given task or process should be done behind-the-scenes by the software. And all that should be achievable within a permissions model that respects each person’s and organisation’s role on a project. That’s easier said than done, of course, but it’s what we’ve set out to do with Keepsite.

In addition to providing the processes and means of collaboration, Keepsite also focuses on using the data generated as it is used each day to build a highly intelligent notifications and reporting capability. This is then presented back to the user, and helps each and every individual on a team to stay on top of things coming up. This allows them to take decisions in advance and retain proactive control over their parts of the process.

After all, a great management system should be your own personal lighthouse, informing you of upcoming things you need to do, alerting you to risks and helping you to take strategic decisions in a timely manner.

How Does Keepsite Do It?

The architecture of Keepsite is such that an organisation’s entire project portfolio and staff are integrated within one single management system, which sits along-side their other core software applications as a core-business asset. Project team members go about their daily and weekly tasks, and, all the while, Keepsite generates information that is used to help keep everyone informed and on top of things. This also means that organisations are able to generate and view real time reports on demand. Keepsite provides continuity over time for project-based organisations and integrates their entire project portfolio — the whole business — seamlessly.

Keepsite’s integrated project-management approach creates efficiencies, reduces risk, and generally helps firms to better understand their operations. This enables organisations to learn systematically over time and, with the knowledge gained, plan and deliver better projects. Mainly, though, it helps each person working on a project to get home every day knowing they are on top of things.

Our next article, Diving In: Purposeful Collaboration, will look at how we’ve taken this product design overview and built out a specific set of features and tools.

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