Orchestrating the activities and efforts of diverse project teams is one of the persistent challenges in the construction industry. With projects involving large numbers of subcontractors and suppliers, starting a project, finding the right providers, and organising the logistics into a clear workflow can be a massive challenge. And even small projects often require enough subcontractors to make logistics a problem.

One of Keepsite’s core missions is to address this by radically simplifying and streamlining supply chain management. Keepsite does this by bringing everyone involved in a project together on one platform where they can interact seamlessly. The resulting efficiencies can help a project be delivered on time and within its budget by simplifying communication, reducing costs, and increasing predictability and operational efficiency.

Keepsite’s platform works through user-created profiles for both individuals and businesses. These profiles are persistent across projects, and are designed to work with the specific needs of the construction industry in mind. Profiles connect users with a professional network of industry professionals and provide a simple and convenient way to interact with other members of a project team.

For project managers, the benefits of using Keepsite start at the beginning of a project. Sorting through potential suppliers and contractors is a simple matter, and user profiles make it easy to determine who to ask for a tender or quote. Once contractors have been chosen, on-boarding them to the project is radically simplified because all required documentation can readily be exchanged through Keepsite. This dramatically reduces the friction of getting the team started, and reduces risk because Keepsite can then proactively keep you up to date on users on site and the currency of their qualifications. Notifications, announcements, and other communication can be easily pushed out through Keepsite’s interface. Project data is stored on the platform, and can be accessed and analysed using Keepsite’s tools.

For individuals, the profile showcases skills, qualifications, and work history. It also serves as a repository for the official documents which can verify their competence to work on a given project. Instead of a pile of training cards and certifications, individuals can direct project managers to their Keepsite page, where all the information is stored in a single place. And the profile functions in much the same way for businesses. Work history is readily available to potential clients. Health and safety documents can be stored and supplied when needed.

With the project team assembled, communication can be handled easily through Keepsite. No matter what process or feature you’re using, you can focus on that task and let Keepsite handle the rest. Team members are notified of important updates and tasks through in-app notifications, the Keepsite email digest, and the Keepsite dashboard. Record keeping is handled automatically by Keepsite, and available in real-time so project managers can stay up to date with a few clicks. Businesses retain ownership of their information so they can easily analyse past performance and project future risk.

Orchestrating the efforts of the project team is often complex, time-consuming, and risk-prone. Keepsite’s platform allows individuals and businesses to collaborate easily and effectively on projects in a common data environment, which reduces much of the usual friction associated with supply chain management. This enables them to realise the full benefits of collaboration, making projects easier to start, easier to work on, and easier to complete.

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