Simple to use, from project to project.


Keepsite handles workflow, data aggregation, business intelligence, and reporting capabilities to resolve the following key challenges faced by project-businesses:

  1. The need to communicate and share information between firms and work collaboratively on any given project.

  2. The need to manage information at different levels of the business and to report vertically on a portfolio-wide basis.

  3. The need to acquire, institutionalise, and share knowledge within the organisation over time, to drive business improvement.


Continuous Visibility

Keepsite gives you complete visibility across your projects. This means you'll always stay on top of your tasks, and see whats coming up next. For the first time, you'll see your projects progressing in real time, be able to identify bottlenecks or resource constraints, and take action efficiently, and in time to make a difference.


Transparency and Accountability

Keepsite improves transparency within projects, so you can always see where things came from and where they went. It also improves transparency across projects, meaning you can review the performance of your teams across projects and over time. 


Data Driven Decisions

Keepsite's integrated approach means every single transaction and interaction from across all your projects can be analysed and the lessons they contain put to use for the benefit of every new project you take on.


Projects, at Scale

There is a tonne of great construction tech coming on to the market. Plugged in to Keepsite you can realise the full potential of such technologies. Keepsite enables you to scale tech across your all your projects, so they can truly benefit your business and provide the intended ROI.


Simple, Purposeful, Collaboration

The nature of project-based work makes communications and relationships complex. There are lots of people, some communications are informal and easy, while others are formal and contractual. Keepsite takes care of the complexity so you don’t need to worry.