Introduction to Keepsite

Keepsite is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application for organisations delivering projects in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and International Development sectors. It’s networked, connecting organisations to their project partners, and has a powerful portfolio management capability, enabling data generated across the portfolio to be viewed and acted upon in real-time. Our objective is to be the digital project operating system organisations use to deliver their portfolio of projects. Our approach is new and different and will enable the creative and dedicated people and teams delivering our built environment to do so with radically increased efficiency.






Uncertainty - about what is happening across your projects, where to allocate your limited resources, and what to prioritise - causes frustration and compromises your projects and the strength of your businesses. 

Delivering great projects should not be so hard, bogged down in administration.  You want to achieve progress every day, to feel proud of your work, to build an enduring business

That's why we built Keepsite - to liberate project professionals, like you, to focus on the work that matters most.

Many of the most productive, satisfied people in our industry use Keepsite every day. Join them.




Keepsite is a re-imagined digital environment for portfolio and project management (PPM).  Incremental improvements simply aren't going to enable the radical productivity gains required to transform our our industry, so we built Keepsite.  

  • Gain visibility across you projects
  • Achieve clarity on what needs your attention and when
  • Scale Keepsite across your whole business
  • Deploy resources efficiently, to where they're needed most
  • Keepsite enables you to collaborate with your project partners and aggregate data internally across all your projects, all within one single system.
  • Keepsite is the project operating system

We are a dedicated and vibrant team, distributed across 3 country offices globally and who work (around the clock) to deliver groundbreaking technology to the organisations building the future.




Adam Hyde 

Ceo + Co-founder

Daniel Landers 

CTO + Technical founder

David Hyde 

Head of product +



Michael Yin 

Software Engineer

Dave Hughes 


Architecture, engineering, and Construction

Arda Awais 

Product Designer


Anna-Marie Vos 

Software Engineer

Danny Qu 

Software Engineer

Andi Omtvedt

Information Architect