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Online project and portfolio management software for leading Owners and their project partners.

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Project Controls

Portfolio insight

Organisation intelligence

HOW KEEPSITE HELPs Construction and international development Professionals

Keepsite is online project management software for managing your projects and collaborating with your project partners.

Risks, Issues, and Knowledge

Unify risk management across the business. Identify threats and opportunities as they arise. Keepsite provides visibility across your portfolio so you can make the right decision when it matters most.

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Task Management and Scheduling

Manage the project schedule as well as your own tasks. Intelligent notifications and the intuitive interface mean work sequencing and prioritisation is easy and you’ll be on top of everything, all the time.

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Document Control

Keepsite provides a common data environment for project team members to upload, manage, and share project-related information, keeping everyone on the same page with current information and its status.

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We also offer paid plans with additional features, capabilities, and training and support options.

Project Management and portfolio oversight. Keepsite gives you real time visibility, so you're always aware of whats happening across your projects.

Proven, reliable, practical, essential.

Learn how the best AEC and International development businesses use Keepsite to deliver projects they're proud of.


Easy collaboration across your supply chain

Project software should help you run your business and help you collaborate with and manage your clients and suppliers. Keepsite helps with all that.

portfolio and project management

Integrated project & portfolio management

Keeping track of each project is great but you run a business and your exposure and return requires success across your whole portfolio.


First class training and support

With unlimited support at no additional cost we are here to support you every step of the way, wherever you and your teams are on the planet.

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"Keepsite has revolutionised the way we approach risk & issue management"

Martin, Project Director, United Nations, South Sudan

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