Keepsite is the easiest way for organisations
to work together and deliver great projects
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Keepsite is the easiest way for organisations to work together and deliver great projects
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Why we built Keepsite

Hi there,

Delivering projects is tough work, there’s no doubt about it. Your team is distributed across project sites, coordinating with other companies on the project is a hassle, and the number of different tools and systems team members are using creates an administrative nightmare.

We built Keepsite to take care of this complexity. Keepsite is a digital platform that helps you not just run each project, but your whole business. It makes it easy to see what’s going on across your portfolio, allocate your resources efficiently, make decisions in a timely manner, and ensure things are running smoothly.

We’re committed to taking the burden out of running a project-based business so that you can just focus on your trade, your business, and the relationships that matter most.

Great projects are built by teams using Keepsite, in locations from Australia to the UK, to the most remote corners of East Africa. We’d love you to try it out. There’s nothing else like it.

Adam Hyde, CEO, Keepsite

How can Keepsite help you?

Keepsite is a software platform for individuals and businesses that work on projects. It connects people and the information, workflows, and business intelligence they need. Organisations can use it to manage each project and their entire portfolio, from the office, or the field.

Simplifies Communication

The nature of project-based work makes communications and relationships complex. There are lots of people, some communications are informal and easy, while others are formal and contractual. Keepsite takes care of the complexity so you don’t need to worry.

Information pipeline between your projects and organisation

Everyone on the team is forever gathering data on progress, quality, cost, manually updating spreadsheets, and using that data to make important decisions to progress the job or to report upstream. This is an administration headache. Keepsite dramatically simplifies this process so you.

Great tools to run your projects efficiently

Of course, Keepsite is grounded in the day to day tasks and activities the site team need to progress the job and get home safely each day. So whether it’s keeping a log of daily progress, issuing an updated design, raising a request for information, or completing a safety inspection, keepsite has you covered.

What our clients say about Keepsite?

Rick, Head of programme and Project Manager
United Nations, South Sudan
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Keepsite has completely revolutionised the way we approach risk and issue management in this high risk environment, catapulting us from 20th to the 21st Century.

Fozia, Financial Manager, Residential project
ISG, London
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We've sent over 600 contract instructions to dozens of different subcontractors using Keepsite. Keepsite has made change management and financial reconciliation so easy - I'd even say enjoyable. We benefited from the system being simple, user friendly and reliable. This is key when you become so reliant upon a system as we did. i look forward to using it again.

Geoff, Commercial project
Square Metre, London
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Keeping everyone on the same page with design information has always been a problem. Using Keepsite, I know everyone is always singing from the same hymn sheet. And thats good news for us and our clients.

Michael, Retail & Leisure project
Willow Frank, Sydney
Willow Frank Logo

We prepared the scope of works for a refurbishment project using the Keepsite field survey mobile app. It was easy, the data transferred seamlessly to the web app, and it saved us hours of manual data transfer. Keepsite have just got it so right.

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